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IBM Safeguarded Copy

Ensure that data is safe, secure and recoverable with a transparent and easy-to-manage solution. 

When an organization is breached, their business is disrupted, valuable data is lost, and their brand reputation is damaged. Every year, the average cost of a breach increases to the point where these unfortunate events are catastrophic. Data protection and cybersecurity are key to an organization’s safety and success.

Traditional disaster recovery solutions no longer cut it when it comes to protecting against accidental or intentional data corruption, because they weren’t built to prevent the kind of content-level destruction bad actors utilize today.

It’s important to have immutable backups hidden from attackers so that when they hit, they can not find or corrupt the copies of your data. IBM’s solution for this is called IBM Safeguarded Copy. It’s a virtual air gap that takes immutable snapshots or point-in-time copies that are protected from being altered or deleted because of malicious destruction, ransomware, or user errors.

Important features of Safeguarded Copy:

The future of data protection is here, and it’s asking IT teams to transition from an availability mindset to a cyber resilience (CR) mindset. Cyber resilience aims at the ability of an organization to continue to operate with the least amount of disruption despite cyberattacks and outages. Cyber resilience expands the scope of protection, covering both cybersecurity and business continuity. Talk to Volta about Cyber Recovery as a Service.

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