Going passworldess with IAM.

Okta connects every person, application, device, and platform.

Identity Access Management

Volta partners with industry-leading, identity management company, Okta. Okta is a cloud-based, enterprise grade, identity management service, that helps IT staff manage system access across any application, person, or device. Whether the users are customers, employees, or partners and whether the applications are in the cloud, on premises, or on mobile devices, Okta easily automates all portal user management functionality to provide a seamless experience. Okta allows organizations to: 

  • Introduce one well-integrated web application to all users
  • Automate registration and subsequent provisioning and de-provisioning for the target applications behind a portal
  • Maintain a single landing page login for customers and partners, plus navigation to permitted applications with no additional login requirements
  • Eliminate the need for a myriad of superfluous user IDs
  • Connect with on-premise applications sitting behind firewalls
Okta Integration Network

Okta supports most SaaS applications as well as custom-built applications. Both of these connect using open protocols like SAML or OpenID Connect for a consistent single sign-on (SSO) experience. 

Okta API Access Management

Usually as an organization builds their custom applications, they’re also building APIs behind the scenes. It’s important to protect those too. Okta API Access Management allows you to have that single sign-on experience directly with your APIs by plugging into your existing API management portals or gateways. It’s basically OAuth as a service. It goes even deeper because every one of these applications and APIs is also running on servers or containers. Okta Advanced Server Access enables you to extend a single sign-on experience right down to your servers and containers.

Okta Universal Directory

Provides a consistent view of users, and assigns context such as role in the organization, groups they’re a part of, and even when and where they’ve authenticated. Lifecycle Management makes policies based on a user’s group membership and profile. These are determined by characteristics, such as when they join or leave a team, or sign up as a customer. Users are then provisioned into and out of any of these systems. Authorization policies like Okta’s MFA product can be used on the applications that need it. 

Volta can guide the implementation of Okta’s IAM solution in order to protect your organization by securely connecting people to technology in a seamless user experience. Okta plays a critical role in helping organizations build better connections, better communication, accelerate their supply chains, and accelerate their interfaces with their customers, partners, vendors and suppliers. 

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