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Misconfiguration Issue

One of the biggest threats to cloud security is misconfiguration by an organization’s own administrators. Humans are notorious for being the weakest link in any cybersecurity chain, which probably doesn’t come as a surprise. Most organizations do not have in-house expertise in securing public cloud environments. Administrators who are not able to correctly interpret corporate security policies will struggle to map those policies to configuration options. Administrators may also underestimate, or not understand, the risks associated with the use of public cloud. They will carry out tasks without thinking about the risks, or how their actions may have unintended results. Examples of misconfigurations leading to a security breach are not hard to find. IT press coverage has been given to public cloud storage being configured improperly. Thus exposing sensitive data to the Internet. 

Continuous Security Assessments

Over the past year, Netskope has significantly expanded its security capabilities for cloud infrastructure services. Today they offer continuous security assessment capabilities to help organizations find and fix misconfigurations in AWS, Azure and GCP that could result in the exposure of sensitive data in the public cloud.

Many of Netskope’s customers are leveraging a multi-cloud approach and have chosen Netskope to address the unique security challenges this brings. The Netskope platform provides a unified and extensible cloud platform for visibility, control, and protection of an organization’s multi-cloud environment. Netskope provides enterprises with the necessary insight and control of risk within their existing public clouds, and future-proofs cloud security for the organization’s further adoption of cloud. 

Machine Learning Threat Detection

Machine learning helps detect active breaches in the public cloud. For example, Netskope can detect possible compromised credentials in AWS based on anomalous user behavior. It can also detect a spike in new EC2 compute instances that could signal a new cryptojacking operation. Using Netskope’s advanced DLP, sensitive data can be recognized in cloud infrastructure storage like S3 buckets. Finally, similar to Netskope for SaaS, you can use both API and inline controls to secure your public cloud infrastructure.

  • Detect and fix misconfigurations that can expose sensitive data
  • Machine learning to detect active breaches in AWS, Azure, and GCP
  • Protect sensitive data in cloud infrastructure storage
  • Both API-based and real-time controls available

Security teams can effectively leverage the Netskope platform to secure their use of cloud and web services without needing to be experts in every cloud service adopted by the organization. At the same time, an organization can also gain visibility and control of the business-led (shadow IT) services used by its employees. This is the power of Netskope, a unified cloud-native security platform to secure, manage, and analyze the use of cloud and web for any user on any device, at any location.

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