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Managed Cloud Services

Volta can assist the handling of your organization’s cloud infrastructure with several different packages. Volta’s Managed Cloud Services are available through a network of channel partners.


Streamline and simplify your AWS account with fully managed service. Volta CloudOps provides custom billing and reporting, volume discounts, proactive alerts and incident response, security monitoring, and custom tagging.

  • Custom Billing & Reporting
    • Proactively manage cloud consumption across the enterprise with dashboards, drill-down reports, and trending analysis that can be viewed by any number of authorized staff.
  • Volume Discounts
    • Volta will assign your AWS account to our organization, so that AWS combines the usage from all Volta accounts to determine which volume pricing tiers to apply, giving you a lower overall price whenever possible.
  • Custom Tagging
    • Tags are the primary way one resource is differentiated from another. Since instances receive random names, it becomes increasingly important to know what an instance does from the API or management console.
  • Service & Security Monitoring
    • Volta’s security and configuration scanner can detect hundreds of threats in your AWS account.
  • AWS Reserved Instance Optimization
    • Standard Reserved Instances provide a discount of up to 75% compared to On-Demand Instances. Volta will monitor your AWS performance metrics and make recommendations on a monthly basis to help reduce your overall AWS spend.
  • Proactive Alert & Incident Response
    • Volta will monitor the right metrics and set up the correct threshold to ensure that only the things that matter generate an alert. Our term will contain the incident to limit any further damage, and then address the problem and figure out how it could have been prevented.



With CloudKeeper from Volta, we’ll monitor and support your AWS account with monthly spend reports, security monitoring, and 24×7 support on month-to-month contracts.

  • 24×7 Support
    • Volta knows how important it is for your business to maintain full availability and uptime. CloudKeeper from Volta will keep your cloud environment up and running with 24×7 support.
  • Monthly Spend & Usage Reporting
    • Monitor and organize all associated cloud services usage through intuitive dashboards and customizable drill-down reports.
  • Service & Security Monitoring
    • Our scanner can detect threats in your AWS account by using auditing tools, alerts, identity access auditing, and real-time events stream with a 14 month retention.
  • Standard Tagged Instances
    • Tags can be used to track resources from cost accounting purposes. Standard tags include asset owner, environment, role, and cost code.
  • Proactive Alert & Incident Response
    • Volta will set up the correct threshold to ensure that only the things that matter generate an alert. Once an incident is identified, Volta’s team will immediately work on containing the incident to limit any further damage. Volta and your team will work to figure out how the incident could have been prevented and can be prevented in the future.
  • Month-to-month Contracts
    • Proactively manage cloud consumption across the enterprise with dashboards, drill-down reports, and trending analysis that can be viewed by any number of authorized staff.



Simplify your cloud business with consolidated billing capabilities and management. Volta CloudClarity provides the best combination of leading Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Cloud Providers with multi-cloud services management capabilities and tailored support to streamline your strategy.

  • Multi-Cloud Provider Management
    • Volta enables clients to procure cloud services from a single source accessing a full range of industry-leading IaaS cloud providers that can be managed together for greater efficiency. Included are Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, IBM SoftLayer/Bluemix, and many others.
  • Proactively Manage Consumption
    • Volta CloudClarity makes it easier for you to improve oversight and control departmental cloud spend, as well as automate chargebacks.
  • Optimize Cloud Spend and Security
    • Optimize cloud spend with cloud provider specific reporting and recommendations. Take advantage of detailed billing history and analytics reporting by working from actual billing data as well as current and historical demand to receive recommendations with greater accuracy.
  • Manage Accountability and Governance
    • CloudClarity provides the visibility you need into all consolidated cloud accounts and their owners. In addition, the self-service portal even allows you to address concerns around management processes and governance requirements of your public cloud infrastructure.

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  • Security as a Service

    A large multifaceted organization, Louisville Water Company didn’t have enough skilled security personnel to monitor their environment 24-7-365. Volta established Software as a Service for security and network devices in their environment.

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