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Are we putting too much trust in Big Data?

Every computer geek loves a good algorithm. After the development process, often overseen by a Big Data specialist or Data Scientist and boosted with machine learning capability, today’s algorithms are often self adjusting. Powered by high-performance computers, algorithms get better…

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Humility vs Help: Balance and Budget

“You can’t get spoiled if you do your own ironing.” --Meryl Streep Does it make sense that a world-renowned millionaire actress does her own ironing? We admire Meryl Streep for wanting to maintain a healthy level of humility. Does she…

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Welcome to Volta

The business partner you have known as DMD Data Systems has been reimagined and relaunched as Volta Technologies! It’s time for a new identity which captures the spirit of the current technological age. Volta calls to mind Alessandro Volta, 18th…

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Ever since AIX version 5.3, IBM has built in what is known as Linux affinity. Essentially, this means that if a Linux application uses standard API’s, then you should be able to recompile that application on AIX using GNU gcc…

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